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Celebrating Airdrie's Creative Spirit

Welcome to the Mayor’s Night of the Arts, an annual celebration that shines a spotlight on the vibrant tapestry of creativity that enriches our community. Since its inception in 2015, this prestigious event has been dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and sharing the diverse talents of Airdrie’s arts community with everyone in our city.

Our Mission

The Mayor’s Night of the Arts was founded with a dual purpose: to honour the exceptional contributions of individuals and groups within Airdrie’s arts scene and to foster a deeper connection between the arts and the community at large. Our mission is to showcase the extraordinary creativity that thrives in Airdrie, from visual arts, music, dance, and theatre to literary arts and new media. Through this celebration, we aim to:

Recognize Excellence: Highlighting the achievements and contributions of artists, educators, patrons, and champions who have significantly impacted Airdrie’s arts community.

Inspire Participation: Encouraging engagement with the arts among all city residents, fostering an appreciation for creativity and innovation.

Promote Accessibility: Making the arts more accessible to everyone in Airdrie, breaking down barriers to participation and enjoyment.

Celebrate Diversity: Reflecting the rich cultural diversity of our community through the arts, promoting inclusivity and understanding.

A Brief History

The Mayor’s Night of the Arts was established in 2015 as a response to the growing need for a platform that could adequately celebrate the achievements of Airdrie’s artistic talents. Recognizing the power of the arts to inspire, educate, and bring people together, the event quickly became a highlight of the city’s cultural calendar. Over the years, it has grown in scope and impact, attracting attention from across the city and beyond, and has become a cherished tradition that artists and art lovers alike eagerly anticipate.

Awards and Recognition

Each year, the Mayor’s Night of the Arts presents awards in several categories, including:

Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts
Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts
Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts
Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts
Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts
Airdrie Mayor's Night of the Arts

These awards are a testament to the dedication, talent, and creativity of Airdrie’s arts community, and they serve as a reminder of the essential role that art plays in our lives.

Join Us

The Mayor’s Night of the Arts is more than just an awards ceremony—it’s a community gathering that celebrates the heart and soul of Airdrie’s creative spirit. We invite everyone in our city to join us in this celebration, whether by nominating deserving individuals, attending the event, or simply enjoying the incredible array of artistic talent that Airdrie has to offer.

Together, we can continue to build a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic arts community that enriches the lives of all Airdrie residents. Thank you for supporting the Mayor’s Night of the Arts and for being a part of our journey.

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